Our story begins with
2 Senior Naval Officers…

Conor and Ronan were working on a reliability maintenance project to enable naval ships to operate away from home waters for prolonged periods on humanitarian missions. Through advanced condition based monitoring techniques, they led a team that dramatically increased each ship’s mean time between failures and revolutionised operational reliability.

Over a period of 3 years, the team lead by Conor and Ronan enabled and supported the fleet to save over 17,000 lives – this was directly due to no machine failures and consequently no loss of days at sea.

Even a minor machine failure onboard can result in a ship’s removal from the area of operations. Travelling to a shore side repair facility can result in a minimum 2 day operational loss. For major failures, the vessel could be out of service for a longer period of time. 

How could this process be applied to the wider industry?

Conor and Ronan questioned – “If we are experiencing these issues and solving them here in the maritime domain what is happening in other industrial sectors?…”

Conor visited a Pharmaceutical site and quickly realised the similarities of their machinery and associated reliability issues to that of a ship.

And, hence ARQ was born – transferring their expertise in the maritime domain to include the Pharmaceutical and Energy industries. A revolutionary approach to condition based maintenance was created, utilising oil analysis – ‘we focus on the condition and the quality of the oil and ensuring it never hits that early failure indicator of wear metals’.


ARQ was founded 13 MAY 2016 by Co-Founders Conor O’Sullivan and Ronan Carey.

An Enterprise Ireland Company

ARQ are an Enterprise Ireland company with seven (7) employees. Approx. 65% of business is local, 25% national & 10% International.

Award Winning


ARQ are an award winning company (Intertrade Ireland Seedcorn Investor readiness regional winner & all-island finalist, LEO National Enterprise Awards national finalists, Interreg Proto Atlantic national winners & national representative in Europe).

We are grateful to our valued Supporters: Enterprise Ireland, Intertrade Ireland, Interreg, Cork County Council and Cork LEO.

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