Simple steps for Oil Analysis Success

A Costly Problem

70% of rotating machinery failures are caused by poor oil condition.

This is costing Irish Industry €1 Billion per annum in avoidable losses.

The Cause

One or a combination of; Heat, Moisture, and Dirt, Product contamination.

Modern oils are far more prone than their elder relatives to rapid degradation in service because of these factors.

A problem for me?

Probably, it’s a silent killer.

Left undiagnosed, the machine cholesterol builds up, and results in a coronary episode.


Keep oils clean, dry and don’t mix with other oils, test their condition.

Easier said than done. This requires a systems/systemic approach to oil/lubricant life-cycle management, specialised training for staff, and an oil analysis programme.

Business Health Benefits

Increased asset availability and reliability.

Reduced machine downtime delivers less unplanned expenditure, and ultimately significant cost savings.

Monitor Oil in the Machine
like Blood in the Body

Because machines get cholestrol too..

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