ARQ provide a range of filtration products and are a main distributer for Hypro Filtration. Hypro provide filters for mineral oil, synthetic oils and fuels. Hypro filters can be used to replace existing inline filters with higher performance filters. Hypro also provide an array of offline filtration carts and units for bulk oil/fuel storage to oil transfer filtration units.

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  • Filter Elements and Media

    We provide a range of Filter Elements & Media for Dynamic Filter Efficiency – if a product you require is not featured here please contact us so we can help you to achieve the right solution to purchase.

    All hydraulic and lube systems have a critical contamination tolerance level that is often defined by, but not limited to, the most sensitive system component such as servo valves or high speed journal bearings. Filters remove the particulate contamination that enters a system or is generated by the system as it operates.

  • Fluid Conditioning

    We provide a range of Fluid Conditioning units – please contact us so we can help you to achieve the right solution to purchase or hire.

  • Oil Filtration Units

    Bigger isn’t always better. Hypro Filtration CFU’s – Compact Filter Units provide you with the best filtration at a size you can take anywhere. Tried and true, the CFU is the ultimate filtration system in power and mobility. And with easy to change cartridge style MF90s, you can rest easy knowing your filtration will always exceed your expectations.