Our Services

Our Services range from Oil Analysis as a Service (OAaaS), Oil Management as a Service (OMaaS), Asset Maintenance Support and the hire of Filtration Equipment

Oil Analysis As A Service (OAaaS)

We provide a service to take oil samples from machines, conduct laboratory testing, analyse data, report & make recommendations

Our machinery lubricant analyst specialists will attend site to sample oil lubricated machines. We sample, we take the samples to our Lab to test and analyse the data.

Oil Management as a Service (OMaaS)

Corrective actions followed by machine reliability upgrades.

Once you have received a full report of recommendations through your OAaaS we offer a service to manage the corrective actions and on-going continuous improvement to implement a full lubrication management system Ensuring certainty through reliability.

Lubrication Management Assessment

We conduct site audits of the lubricants life cycle from cradle to grave. This audit service ensures best environmental and sustainability practice from procurement, storage, dispensing and final disposal of the oil or lubricant.

Filtration & Monitoring Equipment Hire

Short, medium, long term hire of filtration carts, filtration systems, and monitoring equipment

Asset Maintenance Support

We conduct planned and unplanned activities in highly regulated environments. We provide specialist onsite technicians to support customers maintenance programmes. This can be done through Once off, Part time and/or Full time contracts. We supply the highly trained technician to support your maintenance activities.