We offer a variety of purpose built training courses
from introductory to advanced analyst machinery
lubricant analyst level by our experienced team of staff.

Introduction to lubrication management & oil analysis

A fascinating introductory module into the world of lubrication management and machinery lubricant analysis.

Designed for all levels of practitioners in the reliability engineering field, this half day introductory course will whet the appetite of technicians, operatives, and engineers.

Maintenance Strategies, Lubrication theory/fundamentals, lubricant selection, lubricant application, lube storage and management, lube condition control, oil sampling, lubricant health monitoring, wear debris analysis and monitoring.

Lubricant roles and functions, oil analysis maintenance strategy, oil sampling, lubricant contamination and control, wear debris monitoring and analysis

Lubrication fundamentals, fundamentals of machine wear, wear debris analysis, analysing lubricant degradation, oil analysis programme development and programme management

We believe maintaining a flexible approach to the delivery of our course material is critical to meeting your training needs. The training is delivered through a combination of theory, practical exercises and real-life case studies.

We have a number of different options for course delivery:

Public Courses


Virtual On-Line